Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How to use social media for job hunting

Guest post by Carlo Pandian

Recruitment has changed dramatically in the last 10 years with many companies involved in finding innovative and lean solutions for employers and employees. Social media and Internet have played a key role in this transformation.

Here you can find five suggestions to improve your chances while you are job seeking. You can boost your presence in the job market with these simple steps:

1. Register as a Linkedin member and upload your CV. Linkedin is the main social network to find job, contact employers, showcase your experience and networks within the professionals in your field.

2. Optimize your Linkedin profile – Add your Blog and Twitter Account if these are related to your future job. When employers are looking for staff they will type keywords to find you, so it is important you will add this keywords in your interests and specialities sections.

Moreover you can boost your profile and win the competition by adding special features ( From the main navigation bar > More > My Applications). In particular add a Reading list with job related books, events you have attended or you will attend in the future (there are many for marketing, art, law, health care and other professions) and publications you have written in the past.

3. Join Linkedin Groups and Associations related to your category. Contribute to the discussion of them and connect with some employers

4. Recommend your academic colleagues and previous work mates and ask for a recommendation back.

5. Search for vacancies on the Adzuna job site. The website gathers job ads from almost all the job boards in UK and allows you to be recommended by your friends through its unique Linkedin social feature.

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